3 MINUTE: Supporting local Aussie manufacturers

Deputy Speaker, I rise today to recognise our local Aussie manufacturers.

Whilst out in my electorate of Bonner this month, I visited some of these home-grown manufacturers, seeing for myself the incredible quality of products being made in our backyards.

The Morrison Government recognises the job-creating power of Australian manufacturers and that’s why we’ve invested $1.5 billion to establish our Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

We’re supporting Australian manufacturers to scale-up and create the jobs we need now and for generations to come.

Deputy Speaker, Bonner is home to Murarrie based defence business Cyborg Dynamics Engineering.

The Morrison Government has awarded them a $3.3 million contract in their pursuit of an Australian first.

It was a privilege to have a tour of Cyborg’s HQ by CEO Stephen Brostein.

Stephen has been named one of Australia’s 30 Most Innovative Engineers and in 2017 was recognised as the Australian Young Engineer of the Year.

He has now grown an exceptionally motivated team focusing on robotics and artificial intelligence, with this contract being the company’s first with the Defence Innovation Hub.

Enabling them to develop an unmanned combat vehicle – the likes of which have never been made in Australia!

Deputy Speaker, Queensland is once again proving how it is at the forefront of strengthening Australia’s defence capabilities.

What’s more is that ground-breaking work is happening in Bonner.

Cyborg Dynamics are developing first-of-its kind innovations and integrating an array of supporting Australian technologies into a robotic platform.

This has the potential to enhance the load carriage, fire support capabilities and the protection of dismounted soldiers.

It’s a major win for Bonner and one which is securing 20 local jobs.

Investing in our defence industry is a key priority of the Morrison Government, to keep Australians safe and support businesses and jobs right across the supply chain.

Deputy Speaker, I also dropped into Murarrie’s Midmed Medical Suppliers and caught up with Managing Director Rob Muller and General Manager Paul Gapes.

Midmed is yet another true blue, Aussie family-owned business.

They are also a national leader in supplying medical equipment.

As you’d imagine, during this time business is rapidly growing and they’re keen to shore up even more of their manufacturing capabilities.

This is exactly what we want to hear our local manufacturers are striving for.

It was great to talk about how we can make this possible to enable more local jobs and opportunities for our skilled workers.

Deputy Speaker, to see Aussie grown businesses go from strength during this time is remarkable.

Our government will continue to enable opportunities for them to showcase their innovations. And for our green and gold logo to have a stronger presence on home soil and internationally.