Jumping into Term 4’s Junior BYAC with Vuly Trampolines!

Last week, the Junior Bonner Youth Advisory Council (BYAC) met with Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP and CEO and Founder of Vuly Trampolines and Bonner local Joe Andon to have their say on issues important to them.

The meeting saw three students from Moreton Bay College and Gumdale State School join a Zoom call with Mr Vasta and Mr Andon to find out more about how the Vuly Trampolines business started.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said this year the BYAC was extended to junior students, providing students between years 5 and 6 with the opportunity to meet with Mr Vasta and other community leaders.

“Meeting with the Junior BYAC is always a special highlight for me, as it is a chance to meet with the inquisitive young minds and natural born leaders from schools across Bonner. I am always learning from these students,” said Mr Vasta.

“I wanted to involve Joe in this term’s Junior BYAC as he inspires me greatly with his work ethic and creative mind. I knew he would be a hit with the students and encourage them that no idea or dream is ever too big to pursue.

“The students were engaged with Joe’s story, particularly how he started working on the business venture that is now the Bonner based and internationally renowned Vuly Trampolines whilst he was still at school!

“I was very impressed with the students who took part. They asked insightful questions around how Joe started his business, what inspires him and how he handles moments when things in his business don’t go to plan.”

CEO and Founder of Vuly Trampolines Joe Andon said, “It was so good to talk to these students.”

“I really loved the questions, the train of thought they had and to be honest; it just reminded me of being a kid again. I got to relive that part of my journey and fill them in on everything that’s happened ever since.”

Moreton Bay College year 6 student Jessie Hawkins said, “I had a fabulous time during the Junior BYAC meeting and am really inspired by Mr Andon’s story. I even went home and brainstormed ideas for a business with my 2 sisters!”

“Junior BYAC participants can be chosen by their school or they can self-nominate for the chance to be the youth voice of their peers,” said Mr Vasta.

“This was a fantastic final Junior BYAC meeting for 2021 and I am looking forward to the exciting plans I have for next year.”

If you would like to be part of the 2022 Junior BYAC, contact your school and email your nomination to ross.vasta.mp@aph.gov.au.