Lindum Crossing upgrade motoring ahead

Preliminary planning for the Lindum Crossing upgrade has been completed, with work set to start on vital short-term safety upgrades as well as the development of a preliminary business case to investigate a long-term grade separation of the crossing.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP is getting on with improving congestion and safety for commuters, with $10 million of his $85 million commitment to the crossing being put towards these immediate upgrades.

Mr Vasta said this project has been long awaited but we must get it right and that takes time.

“I share the community’s frustration in the speed of the upgrade. Keeping our community safe is my main priority and we have all three levels of Government working behind the scenes on this project.

“I am happy to share the safety upgrades to Lindum Crossing are finally getting underway, with $10 million of my $85 million commitment to this project going towards short term safety upgrades to be undertaken by the Brisbane City Council.

“We recognise the urgency of improving the safety and congestion of commuters and that is why we have pushed for these immediate upgrades.”

Doboy Ward Councillor Lisa Atwood said, “It’s great to be working with Ross Vasta on this project and delivering the outcomes we have been fighting hard for our community.

“We know the community is calling for these safety outcomes and we are delivering them as soon as we possibly can, with the immediate short-term upgrade being the first stage of this plan.

“To keep pushing this project, conversations between all levels of Government will be had over the coming weeks. We will continue to address the essential safety, efficiency, and accessibility issues to put in place long-term safety solutions for commuters.”

The Federal funding for the Lindum Crossing upgrade has been delivered as part of the Coalition’s $4.8 billion Urban Congestion Fund.