New shade sail couldn’t block the heat from Carina State School’s magazine committee

Carina State School’s journalists in the making had the opportunity to ‘put the heat’ on Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP when he visited to see the new shade sails funded by a $35,000 Morrison Government grant.

Mr Vasta dropped into Carina State School following the completion of the shade sail installation.

“Here I was to see these fantastic new shade sails funded by a $35,297 Community Development Grant, but they couldn’t protect me from the heat of the school’s Magazine Committee,” Mr Vasta said.

“Erika, Mikayla, Safina and Khaow-Too sat me down for an in-depth chat and I was pleased to share stories of why I went into politics and answer all their great questions,” Mr Vasta said.

“When they asked me what advice I had for school captains Liam, Addison, Macey and Sandy who also joined the meeting, I told them leading by example and helping others is what made great leaders.

“The Magazine Committee did a great job asking questions, recording my answers and even organising a photo. I have no doubt I met some future budding journalists.”

Mr Vasta said funding for the new shade sails were announced during the 2019 election campaign, and he was happy to see the project finally completed.

“Unfortunately, construction was delayed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, however with school back on track the installation is now complete and students have a beautifully shaded quadrangle space to enjoy lunch with their friends,” Mr Vasta said.