More job-ready graduates in Bonner

The Morrison Government has announced reforms to higher education to increase the number of graduates in areas of expected employment growth and demand.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said university students would now pay less for their degree if they study in areas of expected employment growth.

“Our Government’s new package is focused on better preparing students to succeed in the jobs of the future,” Mr Vasta said.

“To power our post-COVID economic recovery, we will make a bigger contribution to degrees in areas of expected employment growth such as nursing and teaching, making them cheaper for students to undertake study in a job with a guaranteed career pathway.

“The Coalition Government will also provide an additional 39,000 university places by 2023 to meet the expected increase in demand because of COVID-19.”

Mr Vasta said the package would restructure higher education funding to better align the cost and revenue of a university degree, with around 60 per cent of students seeing a reduction or no change in their student contribution.

“Course fees for current students will be grandfathered, with the new funding model applied to students who commence their studies from 2021,” Mr Vasta said.

“Students in Bonner will continue to have access to the world’s most generous income contingent loan scheme­, the Higher Education Loan Program.”

From 2021, students will pay:

  • 46 per cent less to study teaching, nursing, clinical psychology, English and languages
  • 62 per cent less to study agriculture and math, and
  • 20 per cent less to study health, architecture, environmental science, IT, and engineering.