Website reduces bill shock for medical patients

The Morrison Government has taken action to reduce ‘bill shock’ for medical patients through the development of the Medical Cost Finder website.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said the website helped patients make the best decisions for their health and their pockets.

“Knowing in advance about the typical costs for a medical procedure, appointment or treatment helps everyone plan better and make the right decision,” Mr Vasta said.

“The vast majority of doctors do the right thing by disclosing the costs and charges to patients upfront.

“However, the new Medical Cost Finder allows people to compare cost estimates to the range of costs experienced by patients in the last financial year for a particular medical procedure in the hospital.”

The website is designed so patients can easily navigate to find the right information they need in minutes.

“The easy to use website directs patients to the right information and takes into account whether they’re covered by private insurance or being treated as a public patient,” Mr Vasta said.

The Morrison Government will disclose more information including costs for treatments outside of the hospital and fees volunteered by individual medical specialists.

For more information or to view the website, click here.