Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash today joined Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta to announce that a re-elected Morrison Government will provide $35,000 to deliver a shade sail for the Carina State School quadrangle.

Mr Vasta said this shade sail will provide the 300+ students with better sun protection and enable use of the new quadrangle year round.

The LNP government is providing record funding for all 28 government schools in Bonner, including Carina State School, and funding will continue to increase by around 50% per student over the next decade to 2029.

Mr Vasta said delivering this shade sail for the school and its community is a key priority for the LNP because of the significant benefits that it will provide to the school community and local community and sporting groups.

Carina State School P&C Vice President Kathy Mitmannsgruber said this commitment from the Morrison government will save the school and P&C about two years’ worth of fundraising efforts.

“We exhausted all of our fundraising money upgrading the old unused concrete quadrangle to create a colourful and creative outdoor learning space but we fell short of being able to erect shade sails.”

“Mr Vasta’s commitment of $35,000 will fund shade sails to complete the project and provide a shaded outdoor space for students and staff for lessons and during lunch hours and a gathering place for our growing school community,” said Kathy Mitmannsgruber.

Minister Cash said that this was important infrastructure that can only be delivered to the local community becomes of the Liberal National Government’s economic management.

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have a proven track record when it comes to managing the Budget,” Minister Cash said.

“By paying down debt and growing the economy, we can afford to deliver funding for priorities in local communities such as Carina State School.

Mr Vasta said this was all at risk under Labor.

“This is all at risk under Labor and Bill Shorten who pose the greatest risk to Australia’s economy in a generation with plans for $387 billion in new taxes on small and family businesses, retirees, housing, income, investments, electricity and cars.

“Labor would put at risk Australia’s 27 years of consecutive economic growth.”

Mr Vasta said this year’s Federal Budget delivered Australia’s first surplus in more than a decade.

“The surplus guarantees funding for the essential services that you and your family need and rely on,” Mr Vasta said.

“This includes record funding for schools, hospitals, medicines and roads.”