Continuing his proven track record of delivering vital funds for Men’s sheds in Bonner, Federal Member Ross Vasta has promised an additional $200,000 for Wynnum Manly Men’s shed under a re-elected Morrison Government.

During his time as Federal Member for Bonner Mr Vasta has delivered almost $150,000 for local men’s sheds, and this election commitment of $200,000 for Wynnum Manly Men’s shed builds on his proven track record.

Mr Vasta said he’s been working with David Westlake and the team at Wynnum Manly Men’s shed for years and said he knows how important it is for local men to have access to an organisation like this in the local community.

“This funding will enable the men’s shed to upgrade and purchase new workshop equipment, upgrade their kitchen and also purchase a vehicle.

“The addition of a vehicle means that the men’s shed will be able to provide greater access to services for men in the bayside community who otherwise would not have been able to get to and from the organisation,” Mr Vasta said.

David Westlake past president said Mr Vasta has been constant support for the local shed and he is always willing to assist us wherever he can.

“Just after the last federal election Mr Vasta came and spoke to us and ever since then he’s been working alongside us to fight for the additional $200,000 funding that we needed so we could expand our capabilities.”

“This funding doesn’t just help us and our members, it means that we can help others in the community for example a local lady called the other day to ask if we could transport her unwell pet to the vet for her, it doesn’t seem like much but it’s just small things that we are able to then do more of which helps locals in need.”