Bonner motorists will spend less time on the road stuck in congestion, thanks to the Coalition’s announcement to fully fund the $6 million upgrade of the problematic intersection at Chelsea and Rickertt Road in Ransome.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the $1 billion Urban Congestion Fund would be put to work in the Bonner electorate, upgrading roads and fixing trouble spots in the area such as Chelsea/Rickertt road.

“Better roads get us all home faster. They make it easier to commute, easier to do business and easier to live in our cities,” the Prime Minister said.

“Getting stuck in traffic means you miss dinner with loved ones, or you can’t help the kids with homework, I want to give that time back to the hardworking families here in Bonner.”

Infrastructure and Transport Minister the Hon Alan Tudge joined Bonner MP Ross Vasta at the local hazardous intersection following the recent $6 million announcement.

Mr Vasta said he has been working with local residents to ensure that this accident hotspot is sorted out as soon as possible.

“I’ve spoken to the people in my electorate about this issue and I’ve been working closely with the Minister and Prime Minister to get on with the job of delivering the upgrade of this Ransome intersection for local residents.”

“I’ve made it clear that this is a priority of mine and it’s what locals need so without further ado the Coalition is fully funding the upgrade of Chelsea Rickertt Road and I’m delivering what I promised to local families,” Mr Vasta said

Ransome residents are delighted following the Coalition’s commitment to fix the local intersection.

Kelly and Brad Davies have lived in the area since 2011 and said that they are extremely happy with Mr Vasta’s commitment to fix this congestion hotspot.

“We are extremely happy with this announcement; it can’t come soon enough for our family and the residents, locals and users of the intersection.”

“This upgrade will improve our family and neighbours lives immensely. It means we will be able to do our daily business safely without worrying about accidents, it will ensure safer walkways for pedestrians and cyclists and more importantly our young daughter will be able to safely cross the road when returning home from school in peak hour traffic.”