I wanted to speak about the Coalition’s recent announcement that we’ll be investing $100 million to further help people with type 1 diabetes. This is fantastic news. The additional funding will expand free access to life-saving glucose monitoring devices to over 37,000 eligible people with type 1 diabetes, including pregnant women, children and more adults.

I’m proud to be part of this Government that recognises the need to support people with type 1 diabetes and their families. I personally know many families in my electorate affected by type 1 diabetes who will stand to benefit from this support. Thanks to this Government’s investment, they will achieve savings of up to $7000 a year.

I want to thank my constituents who have shared their personal experiences with type 1 diabetes with me. I’ve met with type 1 patients and their parents, relatives and friends who’ve opened my eyes to how difficult living with this condition can be.

This year I’ve met with representatives from the DANII Foundation and JDRF Australia regarding continuous glucose monitoring systems, including the FreeStyle Libre System. And I want to thank the Minister for Health for meeting with them as well and heeding their calls for further funding.

It’s great to see that fully subsidised access to CGM devices will be expanded from March 1st next year to people with type 1 diabetes who need it most. I’m also pleased to see that these people will have access to the FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system. I thank everyone involved for helping expand access to these CGM devices that will bring peace of mind to more of my constituents with type 1 diabetes and their families.