I think I’ve talked here about my local campaigns to fix the Lindum Station crossing and the Newnham Road-Wecker Road intersection three or four times this year. I’m happy to say that there have been some very good developments with both campaigns since I launched them last year. My petition to fix the Lindum Station crossing has well over 5,000 signatures now; and my petition to fix the Newnham Road-Wecker Road intersection has well over 1,000 signatures.

I was pleased to have the Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population out in Bonner recently to inspect these two black spots. Minister Tudge only had to take one look at the Lindum Station crossing to agree that it’s an accident waiting to happen. He acknowledges that it needs fixing, that it has to be done right, with the state Labor government needing to come to the party along with the Brisbane City Council. I’m hopeful that the Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads’ response will be as positive as my constituents’. The state government cannot pass the buck to the Brisbane City Council.

Last week I had a meeting with state member for Lytton, Joan Pease, and I would like to acknowledge her good work in helping to improve the car park at the station and changing the line marking in front of the boom gate. However, the station is still a very dangerous intersection and, with over 1,400 Iona College students needing to cross it every day, a major accident is unfortunately inevitable. I’ve told Ms Pease that I will seek a federal funding contribution, but it’s sad that the buck-passing is continuing. What a shame, but make no mistake: I’ll keep fighting for my constituents.

However, I have more encouraging news on the Newnham Road-Wecker Road intersection. Minister Tudge also agrees with me that a fix is needed, and he put the cost at around $12 million. He said that he’ll be working with the Brisbane City Council and me to investigate a solution to the intersection. It is one of the five worst intersections in the state, according to the RACQ.

My petitions are available on my website, or you can ring my office for paper copies. I want to thank the community for their strong support and say unequivocally: I won’t pass the buck and I won’t let you down. Thank you.