Last week I spoke here on a much-needed infrastructure upgrade in my electorate, the dangerous Lindum Station Crossing intersection which I’m currently running a petition to fix. For years residents have called for a solution all while it’s been kicked around like a political football. Some people have asked why I’m bothering when fixes and funding have been promised many times before, all amounting to nothing.

There’s another major thoroughfare in my electorate that suffered from a lack of funding for years as well. Motorists were clamouring for a solution. Some local representatives put it in the too-hard basket, just as they have with the Lindum Crossing. They said it couldn’t be done. Well at the last election, I fought for and won Federal funding to go toward an upgrade of Green Camp Road between Manly Road and Rickertt Road at Wakerley.

This Federal commitment was matched by Brisbane City Council. Thanks to the efforts of Doboy Ward Councillor Ryan Murphy, Council also committed funding to upgrade the intersection of Green Camp and Tilley Road. Council then sought further Federal funding to upgrade the entire Green Camp Road Corridor. I was happy to help secure this funding, bringing the total Federal commitment to $10 million alongside Council’s $18 million investment.

Once complete, the corridor upgrade will improve safety for road users, improve the reliability of travel times, provide improved facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, and help cater for existing and future traffic demands. Green Camp Road will be widened between Manly Road and Rickertt Road, helping ease congestion at peak times.

Council are now planning and carrying out the project. Over the last year Council has carried out geotechnical investigations and land resumptions. Council is now finalising the detailed design for the project, and has invited construction tenders so that a contractor can be appointed. It’s expected that the successful contractor will be announced in the new few months. Construction is on track to start after the Commonwealth Games in mid-2018, and be completed in mid-2019, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Local residents, businesses and the broader community will be kept updated with more information as the project progresses. I will be providing more details on road closures and construction impacts that can be expected during works once they’re available. Locals can call the BCC Community Hotline on 1800 884 681 for the latest on the upgrade.

I couldn’t possibly have delivered a massive undertaking like this project on my own. Thanks must go to Council—Lord Mayor Quirk, Councillors Adrian Schrinner and Ryan Murphy—as well as my Federal colleagues, Minister for Urban Infrastructure as well as the Member for Bowman. The Commonwealth and Council have come together to make this upgrade a reality. It’s only a matter of time before this happens for the Lindum crossing as well. This is my current priority and I intend to follow through once again for my constituents.

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