Today isn't the first time I've mentioned Red Frogs here, and it certainly won't be the last. No, I'm not talking about my alleged chamber lolly stash! Last Thursday, I was delighted to have the Red Frogs founder, Andy Gourley, join me for another student leaders afternoon tea for over 60 primary and secondary captains from across my electorate. Students who attended last year's event got so much out of it that I had to do it again, and I had to bring Andy back.

Andy does such amazing work for young people across the country. He's a great mate of mine and a wonderful role model for young kids. Once again, he gave a great talk sharing his inspiring story and his personal thoughts on how to be a good leader. The students were once again terrific. They had some really thought-provoking questions for Andy, ranging from what inspired him to start Red Frogs to obstacles he's encountered, whether he had any regrets and how he has inspired others to get involved. Andy said that he had people come up and tell him that he had saved their lives and that parents had written to him and thanked him for his work. He told the students to trust their gut and that, through consistent work, they can transform small things into great things. I have no doubt the students learned a lot from Andy and from each other, and I wish them every success in the future.

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