Kein Sheldrake- House of Representatives



29 MAY 2017


Today I would like to share the story of a very impressive young man who studies at Belmont State School in my electorate. Kein Sheldrake has achieved amazing things at just 11 years of age. He currently builds and refurbishes computers and donates them to children and families who couldn’t otherwise afford them. This is remarkable in and of itself, but it’s the story behind his work that has touched me deeply and deserves recognition.

Last year, Kein taught himself how to build a PC by watching YouTube videos. After successfully building his first computers, he decided to use his skills to provide for others less well-off. With his mum Michelle’s help, he set up a GoFundMe page in January to raise funds to help him build and refurbish PCs for kids whose families can’t afford them.

He was able to make contacts in the community and was put onto a service that does work with refugee families. So far two of his computers have gone to refugees from the Congo. Kein’s enthusiasm for helping those in need is admirable and I commend him for helping give others access to technology and the internet

Michelle recently told me her son, Kein, has Asperger Syndrome. She wanted me to mention this to show how a condition such as Asperger’s doesn’t have to prevent a person from following their passion, and I have to agree. Well done to Kein who has a very promising future in his dream career of IT!

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