90 second statement – Yotkom Medical Centre

Today I would like to acknowledge the outstanding humanitarian work of two incredible people from my electorate of Bonner. Dr Andrew Wright runs a medical practice in Wynnum West. He has served the Wynnum community well for several years. He and his wife Anne have also dedicated many years to improving the lives of people in the town of Kitgum in Northern Uganda.

The Wrights have spent their own time and money to provide Kitgum with much-needed medical services, assistance and training for local medical staff. They established a medical clinic in the town some years ago. Since then, they have spent a great deal of time in Kitgum offering medical aid and inspiration to the locals. They have worked hard to build a hospital for the community. I’m pleased to report that, as of this week, the Yotkom Medical Centre has opened its doors and is taking its first patients.

I commend the Wrights for their inspirational and selfless work. Many people in my electorate have also recognised their work and the good name they have given our community. I would like to say the Wrights have given all of Australia a good name overseas. We would all do well to follow their example. I wish Andrew and Anne the very best for the future.

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