Mr VASTA (Bonner) (13:40): I rise today with extremely good news for commuters who travel between Brisbane and Redland City in and around my electorate of Bonner. Traffic congestion on certain roads between Brisbane and the Redlands can be a real problem at peak hour. Many people who live and work in my electorate can tell you this. Just take a trip into the city via Rickertt Road and Green Camp Road during morning rush hour and you will quickly understand why motorists have been calling for upgrades to this area for some time. That is why I am happy to report that all three levels of government have agreed to work together to fix congestion and traffic problems between Brisbane and the Redlands.

On 11 May, I, along with my fellow government representatives, attended the first Redlands and Brisbane Transport Working Group meeting. We discussed the most pressing transport and infrastructure issues that affect both cities. It was the first step in what will be a major new undertaking to improve our shared transport infrastructure. I would like to thank my fellow members on the working group—Redland City councillors Julie Talty, Paul Gleeson and Paul Bishop; Brisbane City Councillor for the Doboy Ward, Ryan Murphy; the state member for Capalaba, Don Brown; the state member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson; the state member for Redlands, Matt McEachan; the state member for Chatsworth, Steve Minnikin; and my good friend the federal member for Bowman, Andrew Laming—for the insight and encouragement they have shared so far.

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