Morrison – Stronger border measures to combat outlaw motorcycle gangs

The Coalition Government has today strengthened its commitment to re-enforcing Australia’s borders against illicit activities and working cooperatively with agency partners to disrupt Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCG).

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Scott Morrison, has t announced four new measures that will form part of the Commonwealth and State governments’ coordinated effort to thwart Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.  These initiatives include:

1)    Linking the multi-agency Anti-Gang Intelligence Coordination Centre (AGICC) with the future National Border Targeting Centre (NBTC) through staff exchanges and data sharing;

2)    Fusing ACBP’s passenger data with AGICC and the ACC’s data holdings to identify cross-border OMCG movements;

3)    Supporting Federal and State police anti-OMCG operations at the border; and

4)    Analysing trade data to identify OMCG linkages for intelligence purposes.

“The Government’s new initiatives will enable an enhanced level of cooperation between Commonwealth and State partners and it is through initiatives such as this that we tighten our grip on organised crime.

“The sharing and leveraging of information available from other law enforcement agencies will improve the likelihood of detections at the border and act as a strong deterrent to organised criminal syndicates involved in illicit importations.

“I welcome the new Victorian Strike Team announced this morning by my colleague the Minister for Justice, the Hon Michael Keenan MP and Victorian Premier the Hon Denis Napthine.

“Immigration and Customs personnel will provide the Strike Team with quality intelligence and resources to actively target illegal goods brought into this country and to help disrupt and inhibit the movement of outlaw motorcycle gang members.

“The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has out posted officers to the AGICC as well as collaborating closely with other State, Federal, Commonwealth and international agencies to work with law enforcement partners and share information and intelligence to assist in the disruption of OMCG.

“These new measures will ensure the Australian government is better equipped not only to protect our borders but to keep Australians safe behind our borders,” Minister Morrison said.

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