Statements by Members – Bonner Electorate – Gateway Counselling and Wholeness Centre

I rise to speak about the recent opening of the Gateway Counselling and Wholeness Centre in my electorate of Bonner. The Gateway Counselling and Wholeness Centre at the Gateway Baptist Church in Mackenzie recently opened to provide accessible, professional counselling and a range of support that assists people as they seek growth, transformation and healing. Those at the centre are passionate about assisting the community to do the journey of life well. Gateway staff understand that sometimes that journey will include challenges and they seek to provide a safe place where anyone in the community is welcome.
The Gateway Counselling and Wholeness Centre works on the principle that counselling and support can empower people in their life journey and allow for personal growth through those challenges. I congratulate Gateway senior pastor Jason Elsmore and his team, including Paul Cavanagh, Marcia Watts, Sue Sharp, Ashley Withers and Sarah Henderson. Together these people form the team that provides professional and supportive counselling to their community. I am confident that this valuable initiative will serve Bonner and the broader community well, now and into the future.

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