Statements by Members – Bonner Electorate – Commendation for Brave Conduct

I rise this afternoon to speak in honour of two highly commendable volunteers of Coast Guard Brisbane on the recent announcement that Craig Bowen and Steve Creevey will receive a commendation for brave conduct. The latest bravery awards were officially announced today. Craig Bowen and Steve Creevey have been recommended for this prestigious award in recognition of their selfless conduct. Disregarding the danger to their own lives, Craig and Steve rescued 18 passengers from a dive boat that had been wrecked in rough seas at night on Flinders Reef north of Moreton Island in 2008.

Craig and Steve incredibly undertook this rescue in just a three-metre inflatable and used a torch to locate a narrow channel in the reef. They repeatedly took the small vessel into the high swell breaking over the reef until all passengers were rescued. Their bravery is to be truly commended and it is thanks to people like Craig and Steve and all the members of Coast Guard Brisbane that those of us who enjoy the water off the coast can do so knowing that we have such talented and selfless people prepared to assist if we need it.

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