90 second statement speech – Red Frogs Australia

Thank you Madam/Deputy Speaker. Today I rise to speak about the fantastic Red Frogs Australia program based in my electorate of Bonner. This is a vital initiative for young people right across the country, teaching them valuable life lessons and giving them the support they need.

At this time of year I always like to reinforce the importance of safety at Schoolies to students in my electorate. Programs like Red Frogs help spread this vital message. Last week I was privileged to attend a Red Frogs talk by founder Andy Gourley at Mansfield State High School. The students had a great time learning how they can best protect themselves and their mates.

It was great to see in person what makes Red Frogs so special. Since Andy began Red Frogs in 1997, the program has grown to cover a range of events and critical issues for youth. Red Frogs helps set up healthy behaviours for young people to last a lifetime.

I applaud the Red Frogs crew for their work. In particular I want to thank Andy Gourley for his immense contribution to this cause. Red Frogs has changed so many lives in my electorate, in Australia and across the world, and it all started with one bag of Red Frogs and one man’s passion to engage with young people. I look forward to seeing the program achieve even greater success in future.

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