90 second statement – Black spots in Bonner

Today I’d like to talk about one of the most important issues in my electorate: black spots on our roads.

Last year the Coalition Government delivered $1.7 million to upgrade two notorious black spots at Holland Park West. The intersections at Gaza Road and Messines Ridge Road, and Messines Ridge Road and the South-East Arterial Road Ramp, have recorded high crash rates in recent years.

Now thanks to the Federal Black Spot Programme, work to improve traffic signals at these T-Junctions are expected to be completed soon. This will help reduce crashes and save lives. 

Further Black Spot funding will be allocated across Australia this year as part of the Coalition’s long-term commitment to improving safety on our roads. I’ve been pleased to see my council colleagues advocating at a local level for black spot fixes in our area.

In particular, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Chandler Ward, Adrian Schrinner, has been a strong voice for upgrading a notorious black spot in Ransome. He’s shared with me the need to install channelised right turn lanes at the Rickertt Road and Chelsea Road T-Junction, which would improve safety for right turning vehicles out of Chelsea Road.

Councillor Schrinner is also fighting for additional safety features at this intersection. I thank him for his good work.

I look forward to delivering more Black Spot funding for Bonner and to working with Brisbane City Council to identify and fix other black spots on our roads.

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