Funding Secured for Lindum Level Crossing!

The notorious Lindum Level Crossing Project has had its funding retained under the latest Federal Government’s Infrastructure review. I am proud that the $85 million that I secured is still earmarked for this much needed safety upgrade. Currently, I am working with Cr Lisa Atwood and Brisbane City Council to move forward with vital safety improvements on the Crossing, despite an uncooperative effort from the State Labor Government. We are now waiting to hear from the State Government

Completed: Newnham and Wrecker Road Intersection !

Each day, the Newnham and Wrecker Road Intersection intersection accommodates 35000 vehicles, 474 buses, 55 cyclists and 186 pedestrians! Now, all road users are much safer around the intersection; whether it be picking the kids up, walking the dog, or cycling home.

The upgrade included:

  • A new right turn lane on Newnham Road (northbound) with a dedicated right turn arrow to fully control the right turn from Newnham Road into Wecker Road
  • An additional right turn lane from Wecker Road into Newnham Road
  • A signalised pedestrian crossing on the left turn slip lane on Newnham Road (southbound)
  • Improving footpaths, shared paths and pedestrian crossing facilities at the traffic lights
  • Coordination of the traffic lights at Newnham Road and Creek Road and Newnham Road and Wecker Road intersections.
Check out my speeches to parliament about Lindum

Fighting for Vasta’s Tunnel Vision!

I have a vision to see the Port of Brisbane connected to inland rail… a plan which I have coined ‘Tunnel Vision’. Tunnel Vision will unlock the full potential of the Port of Brisbane, and take 13 million trucks off Brisbane roads by 2050. We will increase the export and import capabilities of local businesses, create thousands of job and business opportunities, strengthen supply chain resilience, and reduce air and noise pollution. Unfortunately the state Government has not released the vital Strategic Rail Access Study, a report which will allow me to plan where train lines will run.
We need to put pressure on the State Government to release this report, so I can commence community consultation. Tunnel Vision is the future of Australian freight, let’s stop the delay!

Delivered - Rochedale Road and Priestdale Road Intersection!

Rochedale is a bustling area, full of investment and new development, as well as community and excitement. I am happy to share that the Rochedale Road and Priestdale Road Upgrade has been completed! I secured a $14 million contribution from the former Coalition Government, and collaborated with Brisbane Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, and the Brisbane City Council, to deliver this vital project. This upgrade now improves the safety for around 35,000 vehicles and 474 buses, as well as for cyclists and pedestrians every day!