Thank you, Deputy Speaker

Volunteers are the life blood of our community, and that is why each year I run my Bonner volunteer awards to shine a light on their incredible impact on our community.

And I must say, this year’s winners were a truly inspiring.

Congratulations to Marie Byrnes, Jayden Welch, Sean Harrison, Brisbane Bayside Repair Café, Graham Moore, the Redeemer Lutheran College Helping Hands Volunteers, and Mr George Kambouris.

Whilst I don’t have time to go into depth about each winner and their immeasurable contribution to our community, I would like to share the story of Mr George Kambouris.

George was the winner of the overall Bonner Volunteer Award.

Tragically, George passed away on the 1st of May this year.

George was born with spina bifida and dedicated his life to two things: striving for excellence in any endeavour he pursued and providing support to others in the community through various means.

He initiated the “Living on Wheels Program” to assist and mentor young individuals confined to wheelchairs, enabling them to actively participate in sports at the Carindale PCYC.

Instead of using his disability as a reason not to achieve, he used it as an incentive to excel and show others how they too could achieve their goals.

To further honour George’s incredible legacy, I would like to announce that next year’s award will include the George Kambouris Bonner Volunteer Award.

Thank you, George

May you rest in Peace.