90 SECONDS SPEECH : Remembering Mr David Auger

I’m sad to inform the House of the passing of a veritable giant of the shooting industry, Mr David Auger. David was a larger-than-life character.

A person to always speak his mind, David was brutally honest. We often joked that he was a great salesman but would make a terrible politician.

Born in the UK, David emigrated to Australia when he was 19. He brought his spirit and energy with him, as well as his lovely wife, Julie.

When David was 24 and Julie was 20, they bought their first business together: Gladstone Guns.

Due to their hard work, dedication and David’s incredible knack for selling, they grew their business and moved to Brisbane, opening a business in Fortitude Valley.

When David acquired the rights to sell Rigby rifles in Australia, the previous distributor said to him, ‘You won’t sell one in this country.’ Unfazed and—knowing David—taking the statement as a challenge, he went on to sell more Rigby rifles than the rest of the distributors worldwide combined, outside of the UK.

However, David’s greatest pride and joy were his children and grandchildren. I know he was very proud of his son, Tom, for all that he’d achieved in his life, including taking over the business that David and his wife had created.

Thank you, David, for your friendship over many years.

May you rest in peace.