Federal funding delivered to train Lovewell Foundation Volunteers

The Lovewell Foundation has been awarded a Federal Government Volunteers Grant by Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP, which will allow the foundation to help upskill and train volunteers.

Mr Vasta visited the Lovewell Cafe, at the top of Mt Gravatt Lookout, to talk with volunteers and see how the funding will be used.

“I am proud to work with the Lovewell Foundation and provide funding to help support women from vulnerable backgrounds so they can train and gain new skills,” Mr Vasta said.

“The Lovewell Cafe is an empowering social enterprise that supports women from vulnerable backgrounds to help rebuild their lives in a safe and welcoming environment.

“The training that these women receive from Lovewell helps increase their self-esteem, as they have an avenue to gain independence and financial stability through training and employment.”

Executive Director of Lovewell Foundation Annie Stonehouse said the support Mr Vasta has given to the organisation has been invaluable and has helped over 80 women from vulnerable backgrounds.

“Everyone at the Lovewell Foundation is grateful for Ross’s support and the funding delivered by Ross has gone directly to recruiting and training our volunteers,” Ms Stonehouse said.

“A woman escaping a vulnerable situation like domestic violence, often lacks the support, skills, confidence and self-esteem to work towards rebuilding their life, as they have been in a survival frame of mind for many years.

“That is why training our volunteers and mentors is so important, it helps empower our women to find the self-belief they need to rebuild their lives and gain independence and move toward training or employment.

“With support from staff, volunteers and mentors, our women find themselves and their new purpose, and this leads to a decrease in mental health issues and increases their quality of life and gives them self-confidence.”

Mr Vasta has been working closely with the Hope Lovewell Foundation for many years. Mr Vasta delivered funding for infrastructure upgrades at the Lovewell Café, and will continue to support the foundation to achieve their goals.

If you would like to volunteer or mentor with Lovewell Foundation, please email hello@lovewellfoundation.org.au