90 SECONDS: Innovative Businesses in Bonner

My electorate of Bonner is home to a great array of innovative businesses.

In particular the port of Brisbane is a booming hub of Australian manufacturing success stories and local job opportunities, ranging from manufacturing to freight and logistics, technology innovation, maritime industries and warehouse storage.

Like many across Australia, these businesses have faced challenges during the COVID pandemic, but I’m happy to say that the port of Brisbane hub is now thriving with the help of our federal government support packages.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting the Treasurer at The Yard Brisbane in Hemmant, where we saw firsthand the benefits of the federal government’s economic support programs.

The Yard is an incredible maritime business that constructs and maintains vessels of all types and classes, from tugs and barges to high-speed passenger ferries and superyachts.

Julie and Nick from The Yard spoke to the Treasurer and me about the benefits of using JobKeeper, the instant asset write-off and the export market development grants.

Julie told us that these programs have enabled them to keep over 400 staff employed, meaning more money in the pockets and food on the table for so many local families.

Not only that, Federal government supports have allowed The Yard to plan for the future and expand their operations, creating more local jobs.

Another vital business in the port of Brisbane hub is Lineage Logistics.

Lineage Logistics might not be a household name, but they have kept food on the kitchen tables right across Australia during the height of the pandemic.

Lineage Logistics are experts in cold-food storage and have serviced businesses like Woolworths.

Recently, I was able to meet with Lineage to thank them for their work during the pandemic and to tour their impressive facilities.

The conversations that I had with people like Jay, the operations manager from Lineage, also gave me a greater understanding of supply chain challenges and how they will be able to address them into the future.

Unfortunately, like many industries during COVID-19, Lineage have faced labour shortages.

Thankfully, they were able to partner with OZ Labour force, who quickly filled the gap of employee shortages.

OZ Labour force are a great local business that I recently had the pleasure of meeting in the port of Brisbane hub.

They were able to supply skilled, reliable labour that kept Lineage operations running and food on supermarket shelves for Australian families.

OZ Labourforce benefited from our government’s JobKeeper package.

They told me that they are thankful for the ongoing supports that have kept their workers employed and their trucks moving across Australia.

Bonner is home to businesses with a wealth of knowledge, resources and a skilled labour force.

These businesses are leaders in their fields, not only in Australia but across the globe.

I’m proud to be working with, and delivering for, Australian businesses, and keeping jobs and opportunities local.