90 SECOND STATEMENT: Wishart State School

Deputy Speaker, I rise today to share the news of the completed all abilities senior playground for students in years 4 to 6 at Wishart State School.

This playground has been a part of the school’s vision over the last 20 years, being made possible thanks to $350,000 in funding by the Morrison Government.

A playground which will be enjoyed by the school community for years to come.

Since announcing the funding, I have been following the upgrades closely and have made regular visits to the site.

The school undertook an extensive consultation process to make sure staff, students and parents could all have a say in the designs.

In fact, some of the designs prepared by the year 6 students have been incorporated.

The consultation process was a fundamental step in ensuring all senior students were considered.

Including specialty equipment for those with special needs.

This month, I visited the school once again to see the completed playground and catch up with Principal Yolanda Tognini.

Mrs Tognini said she has been overwhelmed by how pleased students, staff and parents are with the new playground.

It’s already making an incredible difference and the entire school community is grateful for our government’s significant contribution.

Over the last few years, Wishart State School has seen enrolment numbers increase by hundreds and this new playground will support student experience as it continues to grow.

Deputy Speaker, our government continues to back local schools; enabling real improvements just like these to Wishart State School.