90 SECOND STATEMENT: Safety upgrades to Lindum Crossing

Thank you, Deputy Speaker.

I’m happy to share that the Lindum Crossing safety upgrades are getting underway!

I’ve been fighting for this upgrade since 2017 when over 7000 locals in Bonner signed my petition to fix Lindum Crossing.

We were successful and in 2019 the Federal Government committed $85 million to this worthy project.

Brisbane City Council have also come to the table with $40 million to fix Lindum Crossing.

And Deputy Speaker, we are moving forward with the first stage of the level crossing safety upgrade thanks to $1 million from our Federal funds.

The immediate safety upgrade to the Lindum Crossing will include the installation of new and extended median islands as well as new on-road line markings and resurfacing, with works beginning at the end of November.

The second stage will utilise $10 million of our Government’s $85 million commitment to this project with plans currently being finalised and the upgrade due next year.

This upgrade has been a long time coming, but the good news is it is now underway.

We are motoring ahead with these project upgrades and making sure we fix Lindum once and for all!