90 SECOND STATEMENT: Bayside Mental Health Roundtable

Deputy Speaker, I rise today to speak about the Bayside Mental Health Roundtable I recently convened in my electorate of Bonner.

I believe there is a great need for increased mental health services, particularly on the Bayside of Bonner and especially during this unprecedented pandemic.

To understand the thoughts of the Bayside, I encouraged the community to take part in my Mental Health Survey.

Over 500 responses were collected in just 2 weeks- a truly overwhelming response.

97% of respondents believe there is a real need for more services in our community.

With a clear need for more support, I want to ensure the Morrison Governments $2.3 billion investment into the mental health sector delivers on the Bayside.

And as a next step I organised the Bayside Mental Health Roundtable.

I involved mental health experts from the Bayside who have a deep understanding of the needs of our community to workshop solutions with me.

I was joined by a range of community providers, including but not limited to, service providers, GP’s, first responders, schools and more.

Learning about the life changing work our mental health experts are already doing in our community was a privilege, along with how all levels of Government can work together to better support them.

I will continue pursuing the outcomes of the Bayside Mental Health Roundtable and fighting for the funding for my community.

I extend my sincere thanks to all those who took part in the Roundtable.

Deputy Speaker, these conversations are just the beginning.