A proposed aged care development in Lota has united my bayside constituents like few others. I phone canvassed the area and stopped by the local Manly Markets recently. The number one issue for locals by far was the proposed Lota House development.

Lota House is a significant two-storey Queensland Heritage building that was constructed in the late 1800s. It’s surrounded by heritage listed woodland. There’s now a development application in place to build a seven-storey high-rise retirement facility on this heritage site.

A development of this height and size is simple incompatible with existing development in Lota. It will present a traffic nightmare for surrounding residents. And there are also the adverse historical and environmental impacts on the area to consider.

Every single local I’ve spoken to about the proposal have raised these objections with me. They’ve now started the Bayside Action Group to come out in force against it. It was great to meet with them last week at the site and see people power in action. It’s a testament to people power that the Lord Mayor has now said that Brisbane City Council is very concerned about the proposal.

I’ve written to the Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, Cameron Dick on this matter. I’ve asked the Minister to reject the current development application and to ask the applicants to redraft their proposal after consulting with the local community.

I look forward to updating the bayside community on this critical issue. I’d like to thank the local advocates who first brought this to my attention. Their passion and hard work to preserve the character and amenity of their suburb is admirable.