Gibson Island Transformation

I was able to partner with B4C to deliver funding for the next stage of the Gibson Island Rehabilitation Project. B4C are transforming 6.5 hectares of weed area on Gibson Island into wildlife habitats. The funding was for more for weed control, mulching, shrub and tree planting, as well as the watering and maintenance of the plants for the next 12 months. It’s great to support volunteers who are producing tangible, and long term outcomes for our environment.

More shade for Fursden Road Fields

Sport is a __ part of Australia culture. The Fursden Road Fields are a hub of outdoor activity in our community, particularly for soccer. I delivered funding for trees to be planted at the Fursden Road Playing Fields, to provide shade for field-users and for the beautification of the space. I know this long-term investment will serve generations of players, coaches, parents and spectators to come.

New Fodder Farm for QKS at Iona!

I provided funding for 600 native Eucalyptus and Red Lilly Pilly Trees to be planted at Iona College. These native trees will provide a canopy for koalas, and clippings which can be harvested for feed. The partnership between the Queensland Koala Society and Iona College to establish a local fodder farm will help create a sustainable future for koalas.

Tree planting at Wynnum and Manly (various places)

I was proud to donate $10,080 to B4C Landcare Services to plant 250 trees and shrubs within the Bayside Catchment. This step has had long term impacts including growing wildlife habitation and expanding native vegetation in the area. I look forward to continuing to partner with B4C, to continue making positive environmental impacts.

Tree planting at Mt Petrie Rd Park

I have provided funds to Mackenzie bushcare for plantings that will target habitat creation and connectivity for bird species, koalas, possums, gliders, and wallabies. Mackenzie Bishcare are working to provide wildlife corridors – for the purpose of animal migration. At Mount Petrie Road Park, Mackenzie Bushcare used delivered funds to expand the current paperbark tree area, into a natural forest. This project is enhancing the current space, by expanding the width of the corridor, habitat appeal, and connectivity with other areas.

Tree planting at the Port

Oz fish are an organisation which leases land off the Port of Brisbane to restore the shellfish reef. Next to the reef is a man-made lake. This water in this lake is highly contaminated, due to run off from roads and rails. I was able to fund ___ trees to be planted, to act as filters for these harmful toxins, to grow and restore the zone and its inhabitants.