We share our home with some incredible wildlife, so it’s important we all play our part in taking care of Bonner.

Bonner’s is home to some of Australia’s best natural beauty! From our waterways to forestry, Moreton Island to Burbank we live in a wonderful corner of Queensland. Each pocket of our local environment matters, so it is up to all of us to make a positive difference where we can. Checkout how I am supporting our local environment!

Tree Planting in Bonner

From establishing Fodder farms, to wildlife corridors, tree planting is just one of the ways I am improving and protecting our local environment. To name just a few benefits. Trees provide shade and shelter, cleaner air, better flood prevention, and homes for wildlife. This is why I have delivered funds to six Bonner volunteer groups and organisations, to plant and foster trees across the electorate.
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Under the sea: Supporting Oz Fish

Our underwater ecosystems are just as important as those above land! OzFish is Australia’s largest community driven, shellfish and seagrass restoration program in Australia. Did you know an adult oyster can filter more than 100 litres of seawater every day? In fact, a hectare of shellfish reef can produce 2.5 tonnes of harvestable fish every year!

OzFish builds robust oyster banks’ (ROBs), which are placed in Moreton Bay to restore the ecosystem. I was able to secure funding for OzFish, to build an oyster washer to speed up work previously done by hand. This has sped up OzFish’s operation significantly. Together we have also built a portable toilet block on site, to encourage more volunteers to join the OzFish mission.

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Equipping our Ocean Crusaders!

Bonner locals know we are home to many beautiful waterways, tidal creeks and even islands.

The crew at Ocean Crusaders are on a mission to change people’s behaviour through clean-up intensives and education initiatives.

I was able to provide Ian, Annika and the team with necessary funds for a bottle cap washing machine, to reduce their reliance on grid power, as well as gloves and a washing machine for volunteers.

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Boost for B4C Bird Management!

I have been parenting with the volunteers at the Bulimba Creek ____Group since 2012.

Most recently, I delivered a grant for their Common Myna Humane Reduction Program. The Common Myna is an invasive and threatening bird which takes over tree hollows, and poses a health and fire risk when nesting in roofs. B4C provides cages, which the community can use to trap the birds, and protect native ecosystems. Unfortunately the wait time to borrow a cage was 2 months. Now, B4C has 20 new cages to better meet demand. 

Koala-ty upgrade for the Queensland Koala Society!

Koalas, one of our most loved and recognised Aussie animals, are listed as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ in Queensland. The Queensland Koala Society is a 100% volunteer group who generously rescue, care for and rehabilitate injured, displaced or orphaned koalas. I secured a $200,000 ‘Koala Kindy’ for the Queensland Koala Society, but unfortunately, the Labor Government cut the grant. In the meantime, I have delivered the Society the money to purchase PPE for rescues, such as night time rescue gear, head torches, torches, night time goggles. I look forward to continuing to fight for, and partner, with the Queensland Koala Society!