Lytton locks in Australia’s fuel security

The Morrison Government is taking strong action to further boost Australia’s long-term fuel security by locking in the future of our refining sector at the Ampol refinery in Lytton.

The Government’s fuel security package will help secure Australia’s recovery from the COVID crisis and it will help secure our sovereign fuel stocks, locking in jobs and protecting families and businesses from higher fuel prices.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said he welcomes this action as it builds on securing our economic resilience by keeping Lytton open.

“Having our fuel security on shore and localised to areas which can best deliver, means we are protecting 550 local jobs in Bonner, giving certainty to key industries, and bolstering our national security,” Mr Vasta said.

“This is great news, as it means we are keeping our skilled workers in a job as well as ensuring we have the sovereign capability needed to prepare for any event, protect our families and local businesses from higher prices at the bowser.

“Locking in Australia’s fuel security will deliver benefits for all Australians and keep the country moving as we secure our recovery from COVID-19.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Government was delivering on its commitment to maintain a self-sufficient refining capability in Australia with the Ampol refinery in Lytton being one of two refineries across the country supporting the operation.

“Major industries like agriculture, transport and mining, as well as mum and dad motorists, will have more certainty and can look forward to vehicle maintenance savings and greater choice of new vehicle models.

“This next stage in our plan for Australia’s recovery will create jobs and make our country more self-sufficient and secure.”

This package implements the Morrison Government’s commitment to the refining sector, announced as part of the 2020-21 Budget, and complements other measures including increased onshore diesel storage and taking advantage of record low prices to store oil in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.