Get the facts about immunisation

The Morrison Government has launched a new education campaign targeted at parents of young children to help boost low vaccination rates.

Federal Member for Bonner Ross Vasta MP said although almost 95 percent of five-year-old children were vaccinated in Australia, there were areas where the immunisation rate was too low.

“The ‘Get the Facts about Immunisation’ campaign will help parents access evidence-based information to support their decision making about childhood vaccinations,” Mr Vasta said.

“The science is proven and the medical experts’ advice is absolute – vaccinations save and protect lives and are essential to a healthy society.

“Skipping or delaying vaccinations puts children and those around them at risk of catching serious diseases.  “It’s important children receive their vaccine on time, every time, for the best protection.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged five years are above the National Immunisation Target at 96.87 percent as a direct result of a micro-targeting advertising campaign.

“I am confident this campaign will boost immunisation rates across the country to the national target of 95 percent,” Mr Vasta said.

The eight week campaign will run nationally on television for the first time, supported by a range of online channels.

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