Men’s Shed Life Week to combat loneliness

Men’s Shed is celebrating Shed Life Week at four locations across the Bonner electorate to encourage men from all walks of life to build and create together.

With over a thousand locations across Australia, Men Shed aims to be a creative space to combat isolation and loneliness as well as reduce preventable mental health issues.

“Bonner is home to four Men Sheds that do amazing work to foster a sense of community for men of all ages to build and create with the latest shed tools,” Mr Vasta said.

“They’re also a place men can come together to openly talk about import issues relating to their physical and mental health shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Originating in Toowoomba, Men’s Shed has gained momentum world wide breaking the stigma around masculinity and to semi-retired to retired men on the same page about their issues.”

Shed Life Week encourages members to showcase their craftsmanship from around the world, open their doors to new members and promote talking about issues that matter to men’s health.

To find out how you can get involved with your local Men’s Shed visit: