Tingalpa Kindy Celebrates 50 years

50 years since first opening its doors, Tingalpa Kindergarten continues to provide first class care to the children of Bonner.

Federal Member Ross Vasta attended the recent 50 year celebrations and said the stories of past and present students were testament to the amazing dedication of the staff at Tingalpa Kindy.

“A lot has changed since the facility was officially opened on 28th September 1968, it was great to hear the stories of children arriving on horseback and seeing educators reunited with past students.

“Former students are now sending their own children to Tingalpa Kindy and it was beautiful to see them all celebrating this milestone which wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of Director Kerry Lucy and assistant educator Sue Stevens and other staff,” Mr Vasta said.

Mr Vasta said the Coalition is committed to delivering a stronger economy to ensure essential services that families rely on, such as early education.

“Thanks to the Coalition’s recently introduced childcare reforms and $2.5 billion funding package, Tingalpa Kindy parents will be a part of the 370,000 Aussie families who will benefit from increased subsidies.”

“The Coalition has taken action to slow child care fee growth, this is in contrast to the flip flopping and lack of action Labor has shown towards helping local families.”

The Kindergarten is still going stronger than ever thanks to the support from the local community. Spaces are limited, for more information call 3390 4951.