Ross Vasta the Member for Bonner said the Federal Government had guaranteed choice in education for local parents through its agreement with the Catholic and Independent school sectors.

Mr Vasta said there were 45 Catholic and Independent schools located within Bonner and this funding agreement has guaranteed that parents will continue to have a choice about where to send their kids to school.”

“Our Government is providing increased funding to our schools to ensure better results for our students. In fact, our Government is providing record funding for education – record funding for child care, record funding for schools, record funding for higher education.

“Our record funding will be matched by a focus on results. We want to ensure that every student in Bonner gets the best possible education to realise their potential.”

Mr Vasta said the Government would transition to a fairer model for determining how non-government schools were funded as part of its response to the National School Resourcing Board’s Review of the socio-economic status (SES) score methodology.

“From 2020, we will use a new direct income measure to determine the capacity of a school community to contribute to their operating costs,” he said.

“To support schools during the transition, the Commonwealth Government will also provide $1.2 billion over the next ten years to guarantee choice in education in Bonner.

“Ensuring we have low fee Catholic and Independent schools providing choice across the nation is a key government priority. This means that schools that need the most support will get the most support.”

The Government is providing record funding over 10 years to all Australian schools with $113.6 billion to State schools, $88.9 billion to Catholic schools and $68.5 billion to Independent schools.