Education Minister Ensures Strong Future for Schools under LNP

Bonner School Principals have had the opportunity to speak with Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham about the future of education, during an intimate meeting hosted this week by Federal MP Ross Vasta. 

Joined by federal colleagues Andrew Laming MP, and Bert Van Manen MP, Mr Vasta said it was great to have been able to give the local schools an opportunity to speak candidly with the Minister about the Education sector.

Guardian Angels Principal Craig Acret, Seton College Principal Warren Bath, Citipointe Pastor Brian Mulheran, and Lota State School Principal Susan Hughes expressed that one of the biggest challenges facing local schools is ensuring their students have the same opportunities as those at other schools across the country. 

The Minister explained that the federal government is focusing on supporting all school’s whether that be in the city or in regional areas and ensuring that all students are getting the best education possible to equip them with the skills needed to excel in life.

“The coalition is committed to delivering quality fair education funding. Our government’s recently introduced funding reforms will provide real needs based funding to support each and every student in Bonner and across the nation.

“Our education reforms will deliver a combined additional amount of $304 million for schools in Bonner over the next decade. 

“This funding will enable schools to provide for each and every student and do things like invest in more specialist teachers and help kids who are falling behind their classmates, perhaps with individualised help or help in small groups,” said Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham.

Bonner MP Ross Vasta said it was great to have the Minister there to explain the funding reforms and reassure the principals that Bonner schools will be better off under the new program. 

“Labor is up to their usual scare-tactics again spreading falsities about the funding, but the proof is in the pudding. Funding per students on average is increasing by around 50% over a decade.

Mr Vasta said “if parents are still unsure then I encourage them to visit the school funding estimator online and see for themselves. The data has been provided for all to see and is transparent and available for parents to easily access at“ 

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