New payments to councils in Bonner are being made today under the Australian Government’s Financial Assistance Grant programme, Federal Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, said today.

 “Brisbane City Council will receive a total of $38.4 million this financial year,” Mr Vasta said.

 “The Coalition Government is providing $2.3 billion to local councils nationwide in 2014-15 alone, including $453.1 million to Queensland councils.”

 Mr Vasta said the Government is committed to supporting local communities to deliver the services and facilities they need.

 “We will deliver a further $9.3 billion to Local Governments from 2014-15 to 2018-19 through the Financial Assistant Grants programme to deliver services and build community infrastructure,” Mr Vasta said.

 “Councils are free to spend this untied grant funding according to local priorities, including for infrastructure, health, recreation, environment, employment and roads projects.

 “The first quarterly payment for 2014-15 has been made.”

“I am looking forward to seeing our local councils target local priorities with this funding, along with additional funding provided by the Federal Government under the Roads to Recovery, Black Spot and Bridges Renewal programmes.”

 Local councils will receive the following funding under the Australian Government’s Financial Assistance Grant programme:



Brisbane City Council


 NB: Some councils jurisdictions cross multiple federal electorates.

Electorates are as at 2010.

Full details of the allocations to councils under the Financial Assistance Grant programme are available online at


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