People looking for aged care services in Bonner will now have access to an online tool that will help them estimate their aged care costs, Member for Bonner Ross Vasta said today.

 “The Fee Estimator, available online or via phone, will allow people to enter their income and assets, and receive an estimate of the fees they may be asked to pay when they enter residential care or access home care,” Mr Vasta said.

 “Navigating the aged care system can be complex, but the Fee Estimator will help older people access personalised information to help them prepare for aged care.”

 Mr Vasta said that the fee estimator has been made available as part of the aged care changes that came into effect on 1 July.

 Mr Vasta said the Fee Estimator will sit alongside clear pricing and accommodation information online to help people make informed choices.

 “People can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to talk to a real person who will help them work through the fee estimator, or they can go online at and use the estimator themselves,” Mr Vasta said.

 “Residential aged care providers are now required to publish the maximum accommodation prices they will charge from 1 July, as well as payment options and a description of key features of each type of accommodation room on offer.”

 “The Fee Estimator and the publication of more detailed information on aged care facilities will empower consumers and their families in Bonner to make decisions about the care that will best suit their needs.”

 Mr Vasta said people don’t start thinking about, or looking for, aged care services until something happens – such as a fall or adverse health event.

“But it’s important to start an early conversation about what care options are available to you or a loved one, because this will help ensure older people get the support and care they need to keep them safe and living independently, or to find the residential aged care setting that’s right for them,” Mr Vasta said.

“The most important thing older people and their families can do is learn about the choices available, so they can plan and make the right decision.”

“I encourage residents of Bonner who want to find out more about what choices are available for them when it comes to aged care to visit or call 1800 200 422,” Mr Vasta said.


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