Child Care Benefit increases for Bonner families

The standard hourly rate of Child Care Benefit families in Bonner receive will increase by the CPI today, as highlighted in the recent Federal Budget.

Member for Bonner Ross Vasta said, “This could see a lower income family, with one child in full-time care, receive up to $264[1] extra this year in the Child Care Benefit alone.”

“This increase in assistance is timely relief for Bonner families struggling with the cost of care, after fees skyrocketed 53% during Labor’s six years in government.”

“It will help take some of the pressure off working families as we continue to tackle the broader issue of making child care more affordable, flexible and accessible through our Productivity Commission Inquiry.”

“We’re also working closely with Queensland to cut unnecessary and excessive child care red tape to reduce pressure on fees for both parents and child care services alike,” Ross Vasta said.

In total, the Abbott Government is increasing overall spending on child care fee assistance to $28.5 billion over the next four years for around a million families. The Productivity Commission Inquiry’s draft report is due this month, with the final report due in October.


[1] The standard hourly rate of the means-tested Child Care Benefit will rise by the CPI from $3.99 per hour to $4.10 per hour from Monday, July 7 2014. Families earning under $42,997 receive the full rate of Child Care Benefit, while families earning above that amount receive a partial rate that lessens as their income increases. A low-income family eligible for the full rate of Child Care Benefit with one child in care 50 hours per week, 48 weeks per year could receive up to $264 extra CCB in 2014-15, depending on their circumstances.

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