Hunt – No change in domestic emissions under the carbon tax

There is further proof that the carbon tax is a pointless burden on Australian families and businesses.

The latest Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory report released today shows Australia’s emissions for the year to March 2013 are unchanged from the previous year.

We already knew that the carbon tax is a multi-billion hit on the economy, a burden on households and an unfair impost on business. Now we know that in the first year of the carbon tax there has been no change in our emissions.

To make the situation worse, projections see domestic emissions rise to 637 million tonnes in 2020 under the carbon tax.

There is a better way. 

The Government’s Direct Action Plan will actually cut emissions without an economy-wide tax. Central to the plan is the Emissions Reduction Fund – a market-based mechanism to achieve our reduction target.

Australians don’t need a carbon tax. Australians don’t want a carbon tax. It’s time for Bill Shorten to accept the outcome of the election and allow the repeal of the carbon tax.

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