Labor’s Refusal to Scrap the Carbon Tax

The decision by the Labor Opposition not to support the unconditional removal of the Carbon Tax confirms that nothing has changed with Labor.

Bill Shorten has failed his first test of leadership.

Instead of supporting the repeal of the Carbon Tax, Mr Shorten and Labor now want to “amend it” and, importantly, keep in place the laws that underpin the Carbon Tax. 

Labor wants to keep the Carbon Tax, so that they can easily re-start it, if they are elected again.

A strong leader would have stood up to Labor’s left and opposed the Carbon Tax – but Bill Shorten was too weak to do so. 

Bill Shorten’ s refusal to unconditionally support the removal of the Carbon Tax threatens local jobs and will mean higher electricity prices.

Only the Coalition opposes the Carbon Tax and will remove it – no “ifs” or “buts”.

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