Ross Vasta says the next election, due in exactly 100 days, will provide the people of Bonner with a clear choice.

 “The election will be a choice between the Coalition with its Real Solutions Plan to build a strong, prosperous economy, or another three years of chaos and broken promises from Labor”, said Ross Vasta.

 “As I listen to residents at shopping centres, school events, sporting grounds and at homes when I doorknock, they are telling me that they want a return to good government.

 “They also want a government that has a strong plan to help families get ahead, deal with cost of living pressures and creates more jobs.

 “The carbon tax will be a big issue, particularly as it is going to go up again by 5 per cent on 1 July.  If elected, removing the carbon tax will be the first priority of a new Coalition government.

 Ross Vasta said he was talking to people throughout Bonner about the Coalition’s plans for a stronger economy with more jobs, higher wages and better services for all Australians.

 “It doesn’t matter if you are a student, or parent or older person, you want to be able to plan your future with confidence.  Our Plan allows people to do that. 

 “We will assist household budgets by abolishing the carbon tax and take immediate pressure off electricity and gas bills.  We will also help families, retirees and pensioners by keeping the tax thresholds as well as fortnightly pension and benefit increases.  This will provide tax cuts and pension increases without a carbon tax.

 “If we are elected on September 14, we will do the important things that this government has neglected like getting the Budget back under control, repaying debt, ending the waste and stopping the boats.

 Ross Vasta said the next election was a choice between more Labor debt, deficits, division and dysfunction and the Coalition with the Plan and experience to restore hope, reward and opportunity and to help all Australians get ahead.

 “Australia needs a Coalition government to provide Australians with the good government that our country deserves.”

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