The Coalition’s Plan For Safer Streets In Bonner

Ross Vasta, Member for Bonner said local communities in Bonner will be able to apply for crime prevention infrastructure such as better lighting, CCTVs and mobile CCTVs, under a major plan announced by the Coalition.


Ross Vasta said he welcomed the announcement that a Coalition Government will provide $50 million to tackle crime hotspots and help local communities deal with the problems of gangs, graffiti and alcohol fuelled violence.


“What I like about this policy is that the best place to tackle crime is at the local level and this policy seeks to involve residents, shop owners and chambers of commerce, state and local government in identifying local projects to make our streets safer”, said Ross Vasta


“The Howard Government had a very effective grants programme to tackle local crime and it is disappointing that the Labor government scrapped it.  Not only did they scrap it, but Labor cut $400 million from the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Crime Commission and Customs inspections.


“If we make our communities safer, we will make our country stronger.


“The best way to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour is to prevent it happening.  The prevention of crime means less senseless deaths and needless injuries, it means reduced costs in the justice system, and it means stronger communities.


Ross Vasta said he would be talking with local residents, police, community and business leaders in identifying clear projects that are needed throughout Bonner


“I am also pleased that the Coalition has committed itself to once again commandeering money used under Proceeds of Crime legislation to use on crime prevention projects.  The Labor Government has taken almost $60 million collected from the proceeds of criminal actions and used it to prop up their budget black hole. 


“As a matter of principle, I believe that money collected from criminals and their criminal activities should be used to fight crime.  The Coalition’s Plan for Safer Streets ensures it will happen again”.


Ross Vasta said the Coalition’s commitment is for the grants programme to start in the first year of a new government and he would work with the community to identify and assist local projects needing support.

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